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Need help with payment (ENG language)

Hello there, i was highest bidder for some computer proccesor. First mistake that i made, didnt look at payment methods, and because my country is not in EU, i couldnt pay him with my credit card. I went to my bank to ask is there any different way to pay on others man account in different country and there was, with some extra fees i could do that. So meanwhile, man who was selling that cpu sent me on ebay that monday is last day for payment, otherwise my account will be banned or something. I contacted him every day to see if there is extension or other way to pay him but he didnt respond. So on monday 12.03 i went to bank, manually pay him from my account to his and put check "As paid" on article and wrote to him another mail, to say that i paid and if that would be nice if he confirmes me that he received payment. + i also i sent to him scanned pappers from the bank with accounts and payment. Today i saw that he cancelled my auction and putted same cpu for sale again. i wrote to him again to check did he recieved payment, is he gonna send me back my money, what should we do now, but he doesnt respond to me at all. What should i do now?


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You can only wait, only your bank and his bank cashed fees, and you and the seller are the looser.


His bank is cashing fees to accept the money and send back the money and your bank is doing the same.


I wonder how much come back from the amount you have paid, WTH didn't you pay with Western Union ?

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